Case Study of Confectionery Company in Dewey Beach


The Candy Case

Suitability of Each Product for Online Selling

            Global business environment is becoming highly competitive as several large, medium and small organizations are trying to develop and implement unique business strategies in the business processes in order to gain significant competitive advantages. Online marketing and selling activities have become one of the most popular and effective marketing activities that helps organizations to create effective customer awareness of the products. In addition to this, online selling activities generally help the organizations to sell the products or services to more customers comparing to other traditional selling activities.

            The case study focuses on an emerging confectionery company in Dewey Beach. The shop used to sell sweets, ice cream, and photos, among other items. The company has recently agreed to adopt an online business model in order to achieve a strategic edge in this area. Dewey Beach is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the United States of America. In addition, the company aims to extend its commercial practices in numerous common areas in the United States of America where the organization can gain major comparative advantages. The confectionary shop faces low rivalry within the industry, according to the case report. There are two other kinds of corporate associations that are more similar. Perhaps, most notably, this unique confectionery shop used to market distinct items. The online business plan would assist the company to gain a substantial strategic advantage over its rivals, according to the viewpoints and thoughts of business owners. It is correct that the number of rivals is very limited for this particular confectionery shop. However, it still has to be taken into consideration that the actual population of this region is not more than 350. As a consequence, being the leading company in this sector is incredibly difficult for the shop. However, the business activities culminated in a substantial improvement in the organization’s growth pace. In addition, a variety of foreign domestic tourists come to this location to appreciate the uniqueness of this region’s nature. In order to target central, domestic and foreign consumers, the company aims to introduce online business processes. Three main product lines are sweets, ice cream, and images. This diverse product range will assist the company in gaining considerable consumer preference for those who wish to visit this location. Nowadays, the number of internet users is rising dramatically. Furthermore, the popularity of internet consumption will assist the confectionary store in capitalizing on a possible market opportunity. If company owners pick online sale and business operations for three established product lines, it will be successful. Each and every person tries to find details about destinations, hotels, restaurants and shops in this modern age of advanced technology and internet marketing before preparing to visit a particular location. The confectionary store would continue to build substantial knowledge of the brand across these beneficial facets. If the business tries to retain effective success in candies and ice creams, so it will be easy for the company to establish substantial market awareness. In order to procure photos, the company entered into a deal with a Dewey University art professor. Based on the buyers’ choice, the shop may market these images to the target markets of varying sizes. Each and every commodity will, however, benefit from the practices of online marketing. The digital photos on the business website or on many social networking platforms will draw visitors from various global regions to visit the location. In addition to this, in some regions, company owners are still seeking to grow their business activities. A range of gap between sites where the company will distribute the goods has to be mentioned by the organization. Online marketing and selling activities can be considered as one of the effective promotional activities. In addition to this, people who will visit this place will surely try to consume the photographs. Providing information about different flavor and price range of the ice creams on developed company website will motivate the visitors to taste the flavors of ice creams and candies. Implementation of online business activities can help the organization to several types of business costs and business operation type.

Case Study of Confectionery Company in Dewey Beach

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