IED Bomb Setting by Using Radio and GSM Mobile Devices



Improvised explosive devices or IEDs are the most common instruments used by terrorists or revolutionary individuals and groups intending to explode a certain area or kill people around. These are used as roadside bombs and usually are either homemade or a form of booby trap. It has been years since such bombs are built and detonated by soldiers, military groups as well as by groups of terrorist. Several incidents of such bombings have been reported across the globe in the last few decades reflecting on the increasing use of IEDs. Given the US troops’ attacks in Iraq with the bombs as well as the growing news of IED attacks in Afghanistan, counter-actions against IEDs have become increasingly important (Freudenrich 2013).

The IEDs have been like basic pipe bombs traditionally. However, with advances in field artillery shells, IEDs, bombs and rocket propellants are detonated in several amounts. The wires currently used in roadside explosives cannot be quickly detected and detached. The use of cell phones or devices such as openers for garage doors is also used for detonation purposes. The scale of IEDs for explosions vary by height, where big vehicles and places blast. Reports are obtained mainly on the demolition and use of these bombs by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Since these explosives are always remotely exposed, jammers have been considered significant in IEDs. It was also noted that detonators are used mainly to detonate the bombs by linking the wires. Remote explosion explosives are also possibly (Congress 2006).

A variety of machinery is also needed for the removal of these explosives or IEDs. That’s how the bombs are moved. Explosives may be set off by pressurised buttons, wires and devices such as a photo detector. In general, big military vehicles must use friction switches to set explosives. Radios, cell phones and walkie chats are several other devices that primarily use signals to set IEDs off. It is typically the job of someone standing at a distance to allow the explosives to run such remote devices at the proper time. Devices like radio and mobile phones were seen to be more effective than cable bombs (IED Defeat n.d.).

IED Bomb Setting by Using Radio and GSM Mobile Devices

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