Innovative Policies and Products of Samsung


In the production of technology, Samsung is a major leader. It is a business that focuses not only on constant technology advancement, optimising shareholder value, but also being a world pioneer in corporate citizenship and improving engagement with its clients, partners and local communities. Samsung is consistently seeking economic development along with optimistic growth, which is a road to realising the “Vision 2020” of the organisation. Samsung aims to utilise revolutionary technology, designs and goods to encourage the planet to enrich people’s lives while leading to a socially conscious future at the same time. Samsung recognises creativity as the germ of innovation and invests in a large variety of programmes and projects that improve the entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom of its staff around the business (Mahlich & Pascha, 2012).

Business Divisions and Products

Samsung Electronics is split into 10 corporate units composed of three primary divisions: Consumer Electronics (CE), IT and Mobile Communications (IM) and Computer Solutions (DS). The business of Consumer Electronics (CE) comprises of Visual Show Business consisting of TVs, Home Theater, Monitor, Sound bar and Set-top box. Secondly, the Automated Device Company comprises of a laundry machine, microwave, air conditioner, smart microwave, and air purifier. Thirdly, the Malfunction Printer (MFP) and Printer Printing Solution Business. The Health and Medical Equipment Company, including Optical X-ray and in-vitro diagnostics, is the last division of this business (Robbins, et al, 2014).

Innovative Policies and Products of Samsung

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