Kellogg’s Development and Future Plans



Kellogg is a global grocery firm specialised in producing cereals and other fast snacks such as crackers, baking products, toasters, bars, waffles, etc. (Kellogg’s, “Our Brands”). The brand includes regular cornflakes, frosted flakes, Special K, Rice Krispies, Coco Pops, Pringles, Nutri Grain and Pop Tarts (Kellogg’s, “Bringing Our Best to the World”).  The vision of the company is to offer customers healthy and tasty snacks which cater to their needs and also suit their taste buds (Kellogg’s, “About Kellogg Company”). One of the company’s key goals is the promotion of nutritious foods for culture and the environment (Kellogg’s, Our contribution to education in nutrition). Kellogg’s grain is grown in more than 20 countries and distributed in more than 180 countries worldwide (Kellogg’s, “Our Location”). W.K. was founded by Kellogg’s. In 1906, Kellogg is. Kellogg’s staff is dynamic and specialises in fostering a safe workplace climate to excel in meeting and reaching targets (Kellogg’s, 2013d). The company won several awards for its excellent results and high-quality goods such as the Computer World “Top 50 Diversity Company Inc. and “100 Best Places to Operate” from Kellogg. While the company was competitive in the selling of different commodities, it earned the bulk of its sales from the core commodity

Historical Performance

Environmental degradation has become a growing concern for the society, government and community. The major cause of environmental degradation has occurred due to the impact of the business activities and process.  The major alterations in the biodiversity have interacted in the most complex ways within the environment. The environmental issues in developing and developed countries have propelled the demand for restructuring the environmental reform. The environmental issues have compelled the government of various nations to develop knowledge of environmental imperatives, regulations and rules. The government of varied nations is trying to manage the situational crisis by implementing measures for environment protection.  Environment protection measures developed by the government have helped in creating awareness about environment and societal protection. The basic and fundamental problems of environmental degradation would be solved with the assistance of the multinational corporations.  The assistance from multinational corporations is required for reducing the carbon emissions, toxic elements, hazardous waste, etc. The government of varied nations has implemented several measures and guidelines for the corporate organizations to abide by.

Kellogg's Development and Future Plans

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