A Customer Service Activity Analysis Report

by findsteps


            Working in a market environment that needs routine conversation via customer support call with a variety of customer demographics center lines can breed many different problems at the psychological level for the representative. In a service business, customers are going to have unique problems that require resolution, with some customers being more accommodating and cooperative than others. In order to manage these situations, employees need to have interpersonal skills and knowledge of basic human psychology to manage these diverse encounters effectively.

Stress may be a typical consequence for the members responsible for handling these conditions, while at the same time maintaining the credibility of the organisation with which they are serving. Stress can best be described as a mental or emotional disquieting response to a difficult condition or situation” (Timma,220). This may involve throwing down the handset or lashing out at the difficult or uncooperative client based on the representative’s emotional discipline. This can lead to job burnout over time, where stress is unmanageable at the psychological level and there is no longer the motivation to meet the expectations of corporate customer service. Obviously, this poses a risk to the company and would likely affect the quality of the experience of the service and change consumer behaviour in the process.

A Customer Service Activity Analysis Report

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