Negotiation Research Proposal Example

by Jason Shaw
  • Introduction
  • Process
  • Preparation
  • Discussion
  • Satisfaction
  • Agreement
  • Action
  • Techniques
  • Teamwork
  • Confident
  • General Overview
  • Negotiation is
  • Getting to yes
    • Objectives
    • Problems
    • Clarifications
    • Interests
    • Remove their confusions
    • Standards
    • BATNA
    • Focused
    • Passionate
    • Learn to manage emotions
    • Options
    • Criteria
    • Positional Vs Principled
    • Win-Win Negotiation
  • Getting past No
    • Introduction
    • Stay In Control
    • Don’t react control your actions
    • Arguing Nature
    • Reframe their ideas
    • Remove Obstacles
    • Educate the other side
  • Conclusion


Negotiation is a process of transferring legal ownership of documents from one person to another. It includes the transfer of your legalities to someone whom you want to do business. It is a method of removing differences and problems between each other related to the business. In this method, persons end towards a final decision related to the business deals they are going to start about. It is a method of convincing someone towards your business idea and to get the best possible result for your ideas.


Negotiation is a complete process so for performing this concept you must be well prepared and start your agreement with someone with proper homework so that you can convince someone with proper pros and cons of your deal. Negotiation seems to be easy but it is not as easy as some thinks. It is to convince someone of your idea to perform. Convincing someone is the most difficult task in the business. The person whom you are dealing me has many questions in its mind and you have to answer all of them to satisfy him. Negotiation based on a procedure with the following steps that includes (, 2018)


About what you are going to tell him. You first need to make a decision and proper strategies according to your business nature so that you can agree with someone on your ideas. It is to decide first that where should be meeting held and with whom should the meeting be. The person with which your meeting is going to held according to your perspective must be related to the field of business, which you are going to bargain about. When you are going to have a conversation with some you must be precise and to the point in your discussion that some may not bore by listening to a too much long story from you and it not be too much short that someone may not even understand all your points which satisfy them on your offer.

Negotiation Research Proposal Example


Is to be performed in between both the persons and parties about the business and the proposal one is offering to others. People must discuss each point very carefully and in detail about the business proposal so that not a single point left behind. They must ask all the questions from each other related to the proposal and nature of the business. They must listen to all of them and clarifies all problems and any confusion they have related to your proposal. All the goals and targets, which you are going to achieve in your proposal, must also is discussed and their pros and cons are considered deeply so that if any problem will come in future it can be resolved on a specified time with proper preparation of sources in advance. Your discussion must include all the most essential points, which makes your discussion powerful and strong. (Negotiations.Com, 2018)


All the interests and points of the dealing person must be listened to by the dealer so that they are to be controlled and managed so that the dealing person may convince on your deal. The end of the discussion must be with all the main and convincing points so that they can both agree and the discussion ends on a positive end. In addition, both the parties became satisfied with the meeting points that all their main and important points are considered into account by both the parties in front of each other. Their satisfaction improves you scale in your organization that you have the best skills and abilities to convince someone and to allow him to bargain with you which is the best goal in your carrier as businesspersons.


Must be achieved by both the parties, which depend on your discussion how strongly, and positively you do it. When you will get an agreement, it is the success of your meeting and the skills of your negotiation. The agreement is prepared after the satisfaction of both the parties towards common goals and targets, which makes them more comfortable and finds you reliable so that you may not deceive them and do your best including their best interest.


After the agreement, an action is performed which means that you are going to work on your discussion point of views which you agreed upon in your meeting. Every person who is going to offer proposal about his offer must have a proper strategy of working with the persons and about the discussions which he is going to have with others. You must show another party your maximum strength that you will put in your business proposal to make them agree to your terms and conditions of your idea of the business. Your arguments and views must be so much potential in them they your listener get convinced at once. (Ury, 1983)


An effective negotiation includes the techniques and an analyzing view of the problems, which may occur, and problem-solving strategies as well. The negotiator must control its emotions during dealings that he may not become so emotional as he started making requests to offer or it’s not that he starts forcing him with rigid nature to do the deal. There must be a central line between positivity and negativity of negotiators nature. The negotiator must provide logical and authentic reasoning to the dealer of his deal during bargaining in order to agree with him.


Effective negotiator meeting may be teamwork and if it were teamwork then it would be the best teamwork ever so that all the team members will work efficiently and wins the target. The best negotiator involves the best skills of having a smooth and positive relationship with the negotiators to whom he is dealing with. In negotiations, proper ethics and antiquates must be followed by the negotiator and his team as well in order to get effective and best results of the negotiation. The negotiator must be well prepared for the discussion he is going to have in the negotiation.


You must be confident enough so that you can convince someone easily on your views. Always show another party the comfort level strategy of your proposal never allows them to know all the included points of your negotiation. The negotiator must remain within its limits means he must remain calm and cool during his discussions because this quality always attracts someone towards you. The more speak softly the more people will agree with your negotiation statements and more you get success in your negotiation. (Staff, 2017)

General Overview

Negotiation is the deliberate offer or process which takes place between two parties which are having a discussion on some proposal offered by a party to other. It has some rules and regulations as well as it has some legal matters to solve so that it became an authentic and proved evidenced work under proper documentation and paperwork. Negotiation has some types or you can say different styles of having in between discussions and conversations. You must be sometimes compromising in some situations when needed during your proposal. You must avoid conflicts and personal attacks to your listener and you do not even need to get personal with it. You must accommodate him that he may win or lose or you may accommodate him with some of their wants and needs. Bargaining must be remaining equal in all terms included in it like the discussions and point of view etc. Each style of negotiation must be equally efficient and equally worthy so that it results in the best outcome for both the parties.

Negotiation is:

When we think of this term what the first point came in our mind it is the thought, which came first in our mind, is the process of bargaining. Which refers to the transfer of goods or may be products to each other, but actually, it is the term, which transfers actually the thoughts and ideas and offers which you provide to someone about having and keeping in view its interests and likes so that he can accept your proposal at once by providing that view with the best outcome of the results and with best alternatives as well which can suits him the best.

The negotiation is that process which while considering many important views in mind is an offer offered to someone about the new technologies and ideas, which they needed to be stronlgly, recommends and wanted to use them for best results. Negotiation results best when it considered all the pros and cons of it that what effect it will have on its outcomes or not. Your ides your theme your point of views must be so much attractive and energetic that it attracts your clients at once towards your offer and they seem to be interesting towards their outcomes.

Getting to Yes

Getting to yes and getting the pass no are the terms that involve the proper negotiating procedure between two parties. Getting to yes involves all the methods, which includes the convincing, features by considering the problems and isolating them properly and with good efficiency. It keeps looking the interests of the people who are involved in the negotiation. Getting to yes considers keenly all the most important aspects of the negotiation involved in the negotiation with the best possible outcome for them.


This also makes new options for the negotiators for their new projects or proposals they are going to start which. Getting to yes provides and creates many objectives as well for the negotiators to stand on a point with the best decision. It offers a proper strategy and steps to remove conflicts and disputes problems between the negotiators and a proper procedure of successful negotiation in between them. It is that steps which when a negotiator takes in its negotiation it will be a confirmed deal. All the objectives and goals are must be achieved in your discussions.

(Shonk, 2017)


Getting to yes involve the understanding of both the negotiator’s and other person’s problems. The major problem that comes in the negotiation is that both the parties believe it as a piece of cake. Some negotiators behave too much lenient with the parties that other party considers you as you are offering and bargaining them with some casual offer, and if you remain so much harsh and rude then they will not even listen to you.

So you must remain in between while your conversations in the negotiation. Many other problems that can also become in negotiation are the production and inclusion of unwise and unethical behaviour of people during the discussion. It sometimes gets worse with the clients or any other party that it has to be cancelled to avoid any other unwanted conditions. It is a combination of soft and hard time with the clients.


If you became emotional with the conversation in negotiation then it will destroy your image and it will disturb your conversation between negotiations. You must clarify your and others perceptions about the views they have in their minds during the discussion. First listen to other’s views, then speak with complete understanding of its views, speak as much good as possible, and convince him. You must always keep your focus and concentration towards the other person’s interests about your proposal. Offers him what that relates to his best interest.


Ask questions from the dealer about his interests so that you can make your deal according to his interests. Also, tell him about his own interests may be he finds your interest more interesting and this will help you and support you if he likes your interest to convince him according to your style and demands you have in your mind about your proposal. Every people have different discussions and different interests according to the likeness and dislikes of him towards their goals or targets they are going to achieve.

Remove their Confusions

After your discussion ask them that what they now think of your proposal if they are little confused about anything then ask him that what the confusion is, try to solve them and help them to make their decisions easily and also in your favour as a must. This is the success of your abilities and meeting that you convince someone on your deal. That person you must not allow to go with you spent so much time in order to explain him everything about your business proposal. You must explain him fair procedures about your proposal so that he can easily understand all the steps. There will be no complications in the procedures that no one can even understand the steps must be quiet easy and acceptable for the negotiating person which attracts him easily and happily. (Messer, 2013)


The standards, which you chose for your project, must be accurate. Means your standards are not so much high that no one can easily meet it. Standards must be normal and easily acceptable and implemented in the organization according to your proposal given by you to him. If still after your lot of convincing abilities he still may say no that he has a doubt on your ideas that whether to accept it or not. So you do not need to get hyper at once you must first listen to him after asking him why when he will explain her view then say him you can do this better than this. Always be prepared with the backup plan a second plan swell in avoiding such situations in negotiation dealings.  The standards you are going to maintain must match the standards which your listener may demand from you. Not other than its demand because you may lose its interest.


BATNA is a term used for such conditions in negotiation situations. You must be ready for the BATNA which stand s for the best alternative to a negotiating agreement. Your BATNA must be in your pocket so that you can keep convincing him on one side if he does not agree with you on the first side then you can convince him on the second side as well. You must follow all the principle and antiquates about the negotiation process so that you can easily convince him on your proposal easily and must consider all the norms of the manners, which attracts your customer towards your offers. BATNA is the most essential and worldwide discussed term, which needs to be focused and understood by all the negotiators that how a proper alternative should be kept prepared for your negotiating meeting. Otherwise, you may lose your client because some clients only want to check you and they even do not want other plan but still asks for. (Davidballoni, 2013) 


Getting to yes includes many points, which seems very little but they are very essential to consider because they result from a successful and meaningful deal between two parties or persons. The negotiator must be focused on positions not on problems first; you must secure your position first so that your listener will listen to you carefully. Bargaining with many parties sometimes became too much worse that it will be a disaster for the negotiator. Some parties act so weirdly and rudely that it became very much difficult for a negotiator to agree to them on one statement. Therefore, it is the real task of a negotiator to make them agreed to your terms and conditions.


You must remain confident and passionate don’t show them if you are feared or confused make your arguments so much strength that they wanted to listen to you and ends up your words. This makes your abilities polished and makes you a good speaker as well. A good speaker must be an essential quality in the negotiator or a businessperson because he has to capture the attraction of other persons towards you and its business idea. As a negotiator, you must generate a sense of strong discussion and strong argument in between the organization and among employees as well within an organization. (Bellay, 2012)

Learn to Manage Emotions

The emotions of you must be controlled and remain in limit while bargaining. Your emotions express you who you are so they must be controlled by you means you must not be very much down towards the listener related to your offer and not need to be very much rude or strict with your discussion so that the negotiating party will lose you and avoids being discussing to you. Your emotions should remain positive and same throughout your discussions. Listen to your listener and allow him to listen to you as well so that both persons can communicate with each other properly and accurately. Many people are very short tempered and many are very much discouraging nature it’s your task now to manage both the type of persons in your negotiation so that you will learn how to tackle both types of persons in your discussions and you can get success in both types of discussions.


In a negotiable discussion, you must create and provide many other options for mutual gaining in between discussions you must provide them many other backups or options, which must be efficient enough to fulfil their demanding views and must be strong enough to get them agreed on your points or visions. Mutual gain means combine effort of the two parties included in between the discussions. More options you provide to them more efficient they will be in dealings with you with some ease and comfort level shows.


The criteria, which you select for efficient dealing in between your conversations, must be very efficient and according to the objectives and purposes, you wish to achieve during your bargaining deals. The criteria must be prepared before the discussion in your meetings so that you must avoid any problem or issue during your dealings with another person. It may affect your conversation performance as well that it losses your conversation power and abilities which results in the low rating of positive outcomes of dealings from you. (Grebski, 2016)

Positional Vs Principled

There is two type of negotiation still present in the world, which includes soft and hard conservative negotiation and principled conversation. Soft negotiation includes the participants, which are mostly close relatives or friends of the negotiator. Hard negotiation includes the participants, which are advisers in real times. Are also known as legal advisers. Participants in the third type are the problem solvers of every type of problem they have in any field of work. The goal is soft type is the achievement of the agreement in hard it is the target, which is accepted known as the victory, and in principled the goal is the best possible outcome of your targets as an alternative.

In each type, you must be soft and hard and as necessary must behave with the people so that you achieve high targets. You will sometimes trust others, sometimes distrust others and sometimes remain independent to each of them. In soft, you can easily change your position but in the hard situation, you must stick to your position and in principled you must focus on the interests of the people only not to their positions as a must.

In soft, you must provide offers to others, in hard you must threat others about the issues, which may come in between transactions. In addition, in principled negotiation your must explore many other interests of the listener. You must accept one-sided losses to reach to your desired agreement in soft term and in a hard term, you may demand one-sided gains to the price of agreement and in principled negotiation, one must explore other options and choices for the mutual gaining concept for that party in which they are dealing. (Michael Heberling, 1991)

Win-Win Negotiation

The win-win term is used in the negotiation in order to achieve the positive result. Means targets to be achieved. Win Win term relates to some key points that must be explained by the negotiator and here by the writer, in fact, they are very neatly and precisely focused on the author as well. The term win-win includes the number of interests and principles of people to which you will work on. It creates your long-term relationships with your dealers and they will work more passionately with you in near future. This deal not is over timely performed. (Shonk, What is a Win-Win Negotiation? 2017)

Getting Past No


Getting past no is the second concept or thought of the bargaining market. This term also has a detailed overview of it. Everyone wants to receive a yes from the negotiation party or you can say from the dealer with which you are going to deal with. The question arises that what would happen if you are dealing with the person says “NO” to your proposal. The process it includes is to convert your advisers as your partners or helps or you can say supporters as well towards your target. Getting to No is a proper procedure, which contained several steps, which must be followed by you in order to achieve your target with success.

It includes the following points which everyone must consider into its account to cop up with such NO situations because it is very important to cover those situations in order to earn a successful deal and in terms of having your target fully according to the terms and conditions and with all the legalities which they must have to be followed by you and another party. If ignored then this will cause a major problem in your bargaining deals and offers as well. Let us discuss them one by one in detail in order to get right and specific information about the topic.

Stay In Control

During your negotiation, dealing after you explains everything to someone let him think first and allow him to ask questions from you. If all the conversation placed between you, he refuses to your offer then you must stay calm and relax at once. Do not behave suddenly in anger to your dealer. Take a deep breath and allow your stress to come out. Have a cool long deep breath then ask him why still he has an issue with the deal when he will explain you try to resolve that by again explaining him each pro and cons of your offer.

You must control your anger level in order to keep going your transaction and dealing with your negotiator. The persons with whom you are going to deal with may sometimes examine you by teasing you with different troches words and actions. It is sometimes the test of your patience and positive nature that how much hardships and negativity plus pressure you can bear in your real life or in your business life as well. Therefore, you must be calm and controlled throughout your discussion and you must be lenient enough with the dealers so they would like to listen to you all the time you remain there. They may not get bored by your views and ideas. (Ury W., 2017)

Don’t React Control your Actions

Your actions will show you who you are, what is your nature. Your actions should be soft and polite because the listener also observing to you that is you forcing him towards your offer or convincing him about your offer. Your body movement and your hand actions will assist him in understanding more properly with visions as well that what you are trying to convince him. The actions should not be very much fast and unethical for example don’t start biting your nails, don’t put the finger in your nose or mouth, don’t start acting like a dancing person etc.

You must take care of all these points and steps very keenly and precisely so that they will keep listening to you and don’t get bored from your discussions anytime during the discussion. Sometimes there created a situation that your dealer becomes unaware of too many business terms and he understands any other language which cannot speak properly. So at that time your real exam is started because you must have to p[ass through that as that client will be the biggest and most important challenge for you. To cop up with all the challenges is the real strength of your negotiating skills.

Arguing Nature:

Sometimes when you started dealing with your dealer he continuously argues with you on each point whether it is small or large. All the time he will break your conversation in between and try to make you hyperactive and do anything which he upon that can refuse your proposal. Many clients are most of the time remain irritating and toughing to negotiators because they are actually not very much interested in their deals they just wasted their time plus your time as well. They keep on asking you all the questions, which are irrelevant and not even related to your proposal. (Ury W., Getting Past No, 1991)

At that time, you must stay calm and cool keep yourself positive as well. You must be patient in the whole of your discussions. You sometimes should must listen to the views and arguments they are going to explain you because sometimes some clients wants some advice from you related to their project because they are interested in your idea but they do not have proper knowledge of your idea and their proposal so you must listen to them carefully don’t argue them listen to them carefully and give suggestion only then, when you are asked to give by your dealer.  (O’Connell, 2013)

Reframe their Ideas

You must listen to their ideas and views very carefully and keenly as they listen to you properly. Sometimes when you are bargaining with someone they have already very sharper mind peoples which have many cool and attractive ideas in their minds related to your proposals as well. Therefore, you must also give them a chance to explore their thoughts as well during your discussion. Sometimes the dealer which is about to deal with you has already mentally prepared with too many questions related to your proposal which you are going to offer him.

Maybe he is off from the same field in which you are working and providing your skills right now. Some skilled persons are so much efficient that they do not even need to tell anything they already know from A to Z about the topic you are going to convince him about on. Their ideas if matching with your ideas and thoughts then you must combine your ideas with him and try to work on it with positivity and attractive effort, which could make possible for you and him as well to achieve the best outcome and required target as soon as possible with a lot of success. (Levit, 2013)

Remove Obstacles

Sometimes during your dealings around your negotiating table, you may conflict on many terms with your dealer. Sometimes he may not understand your words properly you are saying something else but he is getting something else so you must remain straight to the words and try to use easiest words which you can. Sometimes the client which you are going to deal with may not be very educated so you must use simple wording not too much sugar coated you should be because it may highlight the client that you are offering him something unrealistic. Clients are always captured by the positive attitude and good behaviour.

Sometimes your offer is not very attractive e for the customer but you explain him so well that he may convince and wants to do deal with you. You must listen to all of his arguments and problems, which he is asking from you. Your foremost duty is to remove your client’s conflicts so that he can easily work on your project, which you offered him. Obstacles must be removed and solved so that you will get good results with precision and accuracy in your proposal to avoid any bad situation in near future. Because if conflicts or obstacles remain in your business then it will lessen the quality of your work. (Ury W., Getting Past No: Negotiating With Difficult People, 1991)

Educate the Other Side

Sometimes at the corner or another side of your negotiable table, some persons are sitting which have no know how about the concept, which you are going to explain them. Sometimes there is a language barrier and sometimes there comes a communication gap between both the parsons and parties. You must remain quiet efficient and simple in your wording that your front men will easily understand your words and even takes part in the conversation you have with them. When your dealers involve you in your conversation then it is the success of your bargaining and the meeting you held with them. Some meetings will end in a situation that your dealer will learn many things from you and he better understands your deal and accept it as well. This is a good sign of your negotiable abilities that your dealer will approve your deal on the spot. Because sometimes the dealer just listens to you at that time during the meeting and say that he will think of it more and then tell you after some time that whether he is actually going to accept it or not. (Conflict Research Consortium Staff)


Summing up all the points and details of getting yes and getting past NO. I concluded that these are those terms that related to the bargaining power of the negotiator and the consumer as well. Sometimes when we go to bargain something to someone, he may ask too many questions from you and when you explain him everything about that, still he refuses to accept it at that time you have to be patient and calm and should ram in passionate about the task you are working at that time. Your passionate power and your patience power is tested in these dealings.

You must map out the way you want to deal with it. You must suggest some very better and attractive way so that they can easily listen to you and with relax mind accept your proposal by keeping in view all the pros and cons of your deals with the best possible outcomes and problem-solving ethics and techniques as well. The obstacles must be removed if someone says NO to your deals and if someone accepts it then what strategy you accept to convince him more and what strategy you provide him to work with you.

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