Benefits of Going Green

by findsteps

Going Green is An Empty Fad or An Effective Strategy For Modern Companies to Profit From Rivalry



 Going green is receiving more eminence in the public minds and has increasingly spread the business realm at all levels from recycling to green technology startups. Our planet Earth is becoming increasingly polluted. Besides the environmentalist and socialist, the corporate world has also refreshed their working pattern to save the planet and go green. Going green refers to help the environment to become pollution free and to purchase eco-friendly and recyclable things so that the resources available are not wasted and the garbage is reduced. Several techniques like utilizing the energy of sun and wind, saving water, using laptops, fluorescent bulbs, conserve power cost, planting trees, taking Ayurveda medicines etc,. Pharmaceutical medicines should be replaced by natural remedies and medications so that home remedies like using of natural herbs can cure the ailments in a healthier method. Green living is a easy method which everyone can adopt in their daily life. One can plant trees to diffuse carbon dioxide, recycle the mobile battery, use biogas as a fuel, use solar cooker, solar fan and build eco-friendly houses. (Martin, 2010)

Benefits of Going Green

 Going green will soon be identified as a cost of business. Turning to Eco-friendly can reduce the cost because it is noted that companies reduce what they use .Thus the development generates increased revenues from better products and can also make new business.

Business going green is not just an empty fad because fad always has followers and can change within a short term. But green living will sustain in the lifestyles of people. With various awareness programs, people today are conscious enough about the green living and they not only preserve the environment but also contribute towards it. Living green does not suggest to build eco-friendly houses which can be expensive but it suggest to utilize the natural energy like installing skylight roofs or using low watt bulbs, gardening, saving bills by investing solar panels or using of smoke free vehicles. (GGI, 2010; ANERN, 2010).For industries to acquire a leadership role in the world fight the requirement of greener tomorrow has increased drastically. Industries are nowadays being recognized and awarded for taking actions to go green. Subsequently, India’s top companies and industries are adopting ecological sustainability in the business practice.

Various industries like automobiles, IT, Thermal power stations, and banking sectors are adopting green technologies in their business for healthier improvement in their business. Under are few examples of the industry which have adopted green technology:-

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