Biggest Problems of Healthcare System in USA

by findsteps
  1. Briefly, From your Experience, What do you Perceive is the Biggest Problem in the Health System?

a. Nursing and the Doctor Shortage

I believe that this is one of the top problems in the health system because in most hospitals and other medical units in the world, there does not seem to be an adequate number of nurses and doctors to care for the needs of the growing population. Such problem is being reported in the news and this problem does not seem to have a clear end or solution. Many hospitals and health administrators point out that they foresee this problem unresolved in the next few years as long as there is no increase in nursing or medical school graduates. The nursing shortage has seemingly been brought on by the decrease in the number of enrollees in the nursing profession. It has also been brought on by the ageing of the current nursing population with a limited number of successors in their tail. This same trend is seen for doctors. 

This shortage of nurses and physicians is a concern because it leads to undesirable effects on the overall health care system. It causes the existing population of nurses and doctors to be overwhelmed with work and, subsequently, with the increased workload and longer working hours, to be burnt out and depressed. In health care, burnout and stress are a risky combination because they can compromise the standard of care given to patients. It also leads patients to an increased risk of errors in medicine. The problem of nurse and doctor shortages can also cause worker frustration, and it can also prompt these medical professionals to pursue other professions, one that would not be too stressful. I believe that this nursing and doctor shortage is a major problem in the health care system because it will continue to affect the quality of health care in the years to come. Enrollees for the nursing and medical degree have not increased significantly in the past few years and they do not appear to be increasing in the next few years as well. 

Biggest Problems of Healthcare System in USA

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