CO² Carbon Dioxide Reduction Agreements

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In the 1800s, the idea of a “greenhouse effect” was only an incredible hypothesis on the climate. The prediction of Swedish Scientist Svante Arrhenius that mankind’s further combustion of fossil fuels might result in an increase in the earth’s temperature was questionable. Scientists believed that carbon dioxide emissions could never alter the cyclical balance of nature. Four decades later, G.S. Callendar claimed that the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was indeed causing a warming of the earth; however, his argument was seen by many scientists as far-fetched. In the 1960s, C.D. Keeling’s new exploration proved that the assumptions of Arrhenius and Callendar were undeniably true. Through the use of more advanced method and computations, researchers discovered that man-made carbon dioxide caused degradation to the atmosphere’s protective layer. Such degradation could lead to drastic changes in climate. Since then, there had always been a linkage between carbon dioxide and temperature. The increase or decrease in carbon dioxide may cause the rise or fall in temperature (Weart).

The Earth Suffers from Mankind Abuse

Within the last century, global warming has caused the Earth’s average temperature a Fahrenheit-degree climb. The 2007 climate report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) affirms the unmistakable warming of the Earth’s temperature and the dramatic upsurge of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. Moreover, the IPCC report shows that the rapid warming of the earth is principally attributable to human activities. The once inexpensive, abundant fossil fuels that have facilitated massive increases in human output and vast developments in individual interests over the past two centuries alongside considerable deforestation have mainly been the contributing factors to global warming (Bradley).

CO² Carbon Dioxide Reduction Agreements

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