Characteristics of Autistic Student and their Needs in School

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The Autistic Student

Identify at least five Autistic student specific characteristics.

Autism is a disorder that is caused because of neuronal impairment. It leads to a lack of social interaction and communication in individuals who suffer from it. The signs of Autism can include childhood repetitive behavior, lack of communication, lack of understanding, and lack of self-esteem or trust. These signs can be seen in a child when he is nearly three years old, and the parents can quickly diagnose it. Autism can be categorized further as Aspergers Syndrome and high functioning autism. Individuals who have Autism cannot survive without a caregiver in society and face difficulties when entering a relationship. All these factors, as mentioned earlier, clearly show that Autism is a disorder that needs to be cured to have a better society. For this reason, many therapies have been suggested which require early intervention programs for the children. Now the question arises whether the intervention and diagnosis treatment for Autism is successful or not. In my view, governments should take an equal stand in the early intervention programs for autistic children (Wray et al. 2005; Dorothea 2009).

Characteristics of Autistic Student and their Needs in School

An autistic student would possibly be exhibiting many signs of Autism, which should be noticed by the teacher or the parent to confirm the diagnosis of the disorder. An autistic student may suffer from many problems while studying in the class, which can easily be identified. As autistic children have developmental issues, they tend to suffer from social problems within the school. Social deficits in the child can be noticed easily as this student cannot make eye contact with anyone. The student faces problems when socializing with other students and teachers. It can also be seen that this student does not have friends within the school because of the fear that he may have for socializing with others. He instead prefers loneliness over being with many people and is seen sitting alone most of the time. These characteristics signify that the student is suffering from a social disorder because of which he is not able to socialize with people.

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