Claude Footwear Business Simulation Game Strategy

by findsteps


For 15 years now, Claude Footwear Business has been in operation. Its market exploits in the industry norms have been quite successful. Our business has done very well in some ways relative to its business rivals but did badly in others, thus the decision a few years back before my team joined the group. On behalf of shareholders who were seeking improved success outcomes, we were charged with executing a revised business strategy placed in motion by the board of directors. Over the past five years, my executive committee has been guiding the strategic path that the organisation has been implementing. For the few measures already covered, fruits are beginning to bear, while we still have a long way to go. The strategy and execution of strategic management has been in progress for six years. In order to ensure complete compliance, our job in the office has been to execute these strategies over the last three years and into the future.

In order to retain the market share that we have achieved since then, the next three years would have a lot to do with consolidating the progress created in the last three years. In our business niche we are targeting, there is always room for improvement. We perform reasonably well in internet marketing, for instance, but in terms of these category revenue levels, there are still a lot of businesses ahead. The same happens to private labels and wholesale companies, where rivalry is very strong.

Claude Footwear Business Simulation Game Strategy

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