Environmental Audit of TESCO

by findsteps


TESCO is a multinational company in retail business dealing in grocery and general mechanidising ranging from entertainment, books, clothing, phones to banking and insurance.  Auditing with reference to environment considering its entry in Quatar is undertaken in this paper.  Barnett (2011) states “the top 50 list [in UK] have been replaced by more traditional brands such as Tesco or Marks and Spencer”.  According to guardian.co.uk (2009) it rang up worldwide sales of £1.02bn for every week of last year, it has more than 2,280 UK stores, and 2,077 internationally and about 469,000 staff work for Tesco, 283,000 of them in the UK.  Therefore, its entry into the country needs to be analyzed with regard to the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, particularly its policy related to environment from an auditing point of view taking into account its CSR history and its compatibility with the national environmental policy “aimed at protecting the natural resources and preserving the wealth of the country through a strategy that reconciles industrial growth with environment safety”. (Qatar News Agency)

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