Francisella Tularensis Virus in Dallas Texas Research Outline

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Research Outline

An intentional release of the Francisella tularensis virus is thought to have occurred in the City of Dallas, Texas and adequate measures need to be taken to prevent the spread of the virus that is likely to cause Tularemia disease in the city resulting to massive illness and deaths. In real life, there is no vaccine for the Tularemia disease, but the condition is curable at its early stages. The disease has an incubation of between 3-6 days after which it causes severe incapacitation of the victim and may lead to death if the condition is not treated. Tularemia disease is common in small animals such as squirrels, beavers and rabbits but not human beings. Some scholars of the world have often referred to the illness as ‘rabbit fever’. The condition is less contagious hence not communicable. Individuals can only acquire the disease by breathing in the dust that is contaminated with the Francisella tularensis virus, by drinking water or by consuming virus-contaminated food, by biting an insect that is infected with the disease and by touching wounds, fur, skin of both infected animals and humans.

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