How Leaders Prepare Employers in Order to Increase Efficiency to Deal with Ethnic Teams?

by findsteps

Table of Contents                                                                         

  • Introduction
  • Cultural Differences and Diversity
    • Language & Culture
    • Relation Building of Multicultural Group
    • Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
  • The Impact of The Cultural Diversity on Interaction Process Cultural Differences
  • Solution to Better/ More Efficient Interaction and Productivity
  • Required Intercultural Competences Necessary for Successful Multicultural Teams
  • Conclusion

Table of Abbreviations

 PDI Power Distance Index
 MMCD Multidimensional Model for Developing Cultural Competency
 BCG Boston Consulting Group
 UAI Uncertainty Avoidance
 LTO Long Term Orientation
IDV Individualism magnitude
LTO Long Term Orientation
MAS Masculinity
 Cox cognitive differences


In the past few decades, need of leaders for cross-cultural interaction have increased in organization both domestically and globally. Research and training by proficient multicultural leaders has now become obligatory in U.S. due to evolution to a universal economy and soaring diversification within the work culture. Leadership improves the personal, social and professional lives. (Ng and Sifford) Corporate believes that leaders bring unique assets to the business and improve the bottom line (Northouse, 1). Leadership develops vision and strategy helping others as facilitator, persuader and trainer to grow within the organization by stimulating and inspiring the supporters (Ryan, 1). It is important for multifaceted leaders to be environment-responsive. In order to learn new answers, they require great curiosity and enthusiasm; they need a large interest and an eagerness to consume new field signals such as faith, social community, literature, architecture, culture, and geography. (Pedersen and Connerley, ix)

Multiculturalism is an example of a backlash to ethnic and theological diversity of political theory. As an overarching term, multiculturalism is used to describe the correct and biassed statements of a number of disadvantaged communities, including women, gays and homosexuals, disabled persons and African Americans. Most of the theories of diverse culture focused on the comments and arguments of ethnic and minority groups like Latinos in US, Muslims in Arabian countries, and also in nations like Catalans, Basque, Welsh etc and also the native peoples of North America, Maori in New Zealand. Cross-culture deals with the policy of dissimilarity and recognition and that which is concerned with the disrespected identities and altering governing policies. It also requires economic consciousness and democratic authority and appeals for black people’s remedies on economic and political problems (Song)

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