HR Strategy Development for a Small Company


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • HR Strategy Content
  • HR Strategy Process Issues
  • HR Strategy Implementation
  • Employee Resourcing (ER)
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Performance and Rewards
  • Employee Relation
  • Conclusion
  • References


Yorklab is a small unit of manufacturing company which deals with glassware. The company provides assistance to other companies such as the pharmaceutical, medical research and other sectors. It follows a simple management style to accomplish the commitment regarding quality material. The objective of the company is to produce high quality product rapidly and efficiently and to ascertain quality product and service to the customers. In this regard, the organisation tries to follow a developed Human Resources (HR) strategy for the employees to work efficiently and produce quality products. The business aims to maintain its clients by maintaining the prompt distribution of merchandise, which in turn helps the company to assess its growth over the year. Yorklab embraces a flat hierarchical framework that guarantees a broad control period for less management layers. The arrangement encourages the business to be less profitable, with fewer layers of management. This arrangement would mean the actions inside the company flow smoother and easily. In addition, the communication of management messages would be simple and transparent, guaranteeing a timely and reliable product. This system enables the organisation to maintain a careful account of the profits and the resources rendered. The company’s HR strategy allows it possible to hire employees who have experience of the procedure who are cooperative and eager for collaboration. The main motive of the corporation is to please the client and this is the key explanation behind the organization’s existence for years. The firm wants to extend its market into different segments of the industry. In this case, management recognizes that demand development would not be sufficient to support the new HR framework or management structure. The definition of HRM used is to link the personnel and the management to accomplish the company’s aim. This includes arranging, overseeing and coordinating the workforce to bring value to their operation and accomplish the required targets. In this regard, the aim of the paper is to address the successful structural requirements of the business in order to alleviate the problem of market expansion. In order to generate benefit and success in the sector, the upgraded HR strategies must be applied by Yorklab.

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