The Impact of Carbon Emission in Canada



This article seeks to explore the impact of carbon emission in Canada and how it affects the rest of the globe by causing adverse climate change. Besides, it also addresses the climate policy of the Canadian government as a way to reduce the carbon emission rate by evaluating the policy as well as considering the recommendations of the policy. The Canadian government encourages an aggressive approach towards climate change which achieves real economic and environmental benefits for all the Canadians. The climate change causes, as well as its impacts on human health and the environment, are now highly understood. Canada is definitely a vast country that has a diverse climate. This makes the effects of climate change practically the more important. 

The Canadian government supports attempts to protect their environment and of the entire globe through certain developed programs and policies, conducted scientific research as well as working closely with the provinces, territories, other government departments and international partners so as to fight against the problem climate change. The November 4, 2013 project of oil sands in Saskatchewan and Alberta are the main reason on which Canada continues to consistently increase carbon dioxide output which is in total contradiction in regard to its promises that it made at Copenhagen by 2009. This information originates from the recent Environment Canada- the National Inventory Report about the greenhouse gas sinks and sources that was submitted to UN Framework Convention about Climate Change in 2013.

The contribution of Canada to global carbon dioxide gas emissions is in overall, not that significant since it`s, in fact, amounting to a mere 2%. However, in regard to the per capita contributions, the country produces over 20 tons which is one of the highest in the globe. By the time Canada was committing itself at Copenhagen that it was to reduce its own emissions to about 17%, that was below the 2005 levels, by 2020, with United States making the same commitment, Canada had realized a decreases in their overall carbon dioxide gases from the peak of about 750 megatons by 2007 to about 690 megatons in 2009. However, since 2009 Canada’s carbon dioxide gas emissions have always trended upward. Currently, the report says that aggregate emissions of carbon dioxide gases are standing at 702 megatons.

The Impact of Carbon Emission in Canada

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