Impact of Diversity in Adult Education Research Paper

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It is important that approaches are established that optimize their overall outcome when engaging in adult education. Teachers seek to ensure that the current gaps are used to ensure the correct transfer of information. The distinctions are defined as diversity.

Diversity includes a learning process in which people appreciate such differences in age, culture, social status and current mechanisms of learning.

The richness of diversity and how it could go a long way in developing their general learning concepts are commonly overlooked by learners. Depending on the framework of the instructor, teaching philosophies differ in nature. There needs to be a teaching method in which and student feels interested. Nature at which these frameworks are integrated into a single classroom is what is attributed to improved learning. Diversity exists in two scenarios; they may involve the nature of teaching and the student’s lifestyle. 

Impact of Diversity in Adult Education Research Paper

The study will relate these diversities to adult learning and decide how they are used by educators to provide a well-organized learning environment. Centered on a controlled experiment in a real classroom scenario, an analysis will be carried out. A conclusion will be based on the finding of the experiment. Its interpretation will depend majorly on real-life scenarios. The research will seek to develop the student’s diversity perspective and provide teachers with feedback on how to deal with diversity.

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