Impact of Social Networking on Young Adults

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Virtual Communication

A loss of human touch Communication, in simple words is a means of letting people know what your thoughts, opinions and feelings about everything in your life are. Matters related to professional life and social life is discussed with friends but when it comes to your intimate feelings and emotions, you tend to be secretive and discuss it only with your parents, siblings or close friends. People close to us had certain importance in our life and hence any communication related to the emotional aspect of life was reserved to be shared with loved ones. Well, not anymore. This is the age in which people talk on Facebook status about their ‘first kiss’ and ‘loss of virginity,’ end the romantic relationship through text messaging, and try to seek ‘help’ through internet discussion forums instead of talking to their parents, teachers, or friends. Welcome to the world of interactive communication where the personal and social boundaries have vanished and people have become the victims of mistaken identities.

Impact of Social Networking on Young Adults

Change in concept of society:

Gone are the days when social interactions used to take place over a beer or a coffee. They happen on the internet nowadays. Pubs, coffee shops and parks were the favorite spots for people who enjoyed being social and having fun with friends. However, this has changed now. Group concept has moved from public places to the homes. Networks are being formed on the Internet, and people are interacting rather than physically interacting on the social network site. This has led to a decrease in the need of interactions with parents, siblings, teachers, neighbors and friends (Wellman 2005. p.251). The the question is, is this change a positive change?

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