Impact of Web 2.0 on eBusiness

by admin

The Business Impact of Web 2.0


           Web 2.0 technology is simply a new name for a series of inter-connected Internet components, and the internal technology infrastructure to support this inter-linkage, that combines different online software programmes with traditional Web applications to create a more user-friendly and interactive forum for information and communications exchanges. The technical architecture for Web 2.0 varies by company or organisation, including AJAX and JSON. However, outside of the technical factors, Web 2.0 creates new opportunities to link different pre-existing Web locations such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of different sites to enhance business activities both internal and external. This paper describes the different risks and advantages of Web 2.0 for today’s businesses, identifying several case studies for companies that have tested Web 2.0 functionality to create a better business model and standing among competitors in similar industries. 

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