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1.1 Company Age Root Capital is an organisation based in impoverished and remote parts in Latin America and Africa that is social and non-profit. The firm was founded by William Fulbright Foote in 1999. (Root Capital, 2013a). The business was set up with the goal of offering funding to small and rising enterprises in rural areas. The corporation, which was a subsidiary of the Ecological Development Fund, was incubated as Ecological Finance.
1.2 Size The organisation now has over 100 workers employed in different areas of Africa and Latin America. The investment fund is in a continuous recruitment process, especially in Africa.
1.3 Industry Sector the industry served by the company is financial services. The investment fund is involved in financing and advising of the smaller and less privileged business in the rural parts of Latin America and Africa (Root Capital, 2013c). The objective of the investment fund in to increase rural prosperity and decrease environmental vulnerability within small and medium businesses (Root Capital, 2013b).
  Offerings The company is involved in increasing its environmental and social impact with the help of three step strategy. These include financing, advising and catalyzing

Financing- this involves providing leans to the small and medium business in rural and poor sections of various countries. Presently Root Capital operated in Africa and Latin America. The company is involved in both long term and short term financing of loans. Through lending, a support system is provided to the rural ecosystem.

Advising- the investment fund is involved in providing financial training to prospective clients as well as current clients. The objective of providing management training in finance is to make these clients capable of establishing and maintaining business. The service products in financial advisory include information seminars, diagnostic workshops, and financial training and preparation services for loan application

Catalyze- root capital aims to create a financial market in which the underprivileged and vulnerable classes of business are provided with full potential and expertise so they are able to thrive in this competitive market and make a mark for themselves. The catalyze strategy for Root Capital is to innovate and accelerate.

1.4 Main Market (Domestic/ International) Root capital is majorly involved in international market. Majority of its operational revenue come from Latin America and Africa. The target clients of Root Capital are small and medium businesses in rural areas. During the early days, majority of the clients were from agricultural background. Later on, the company started providing loans to coffee products and small trading companies.
1.5 B2B/B2C Root Capital falls in business to business category where small and medium businesses from rural parts of Latin America and Africa are its customers.

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