Developing of Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy for John Lewis Stores


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Background of John Lewis Departmental Stores
  • The Offline Marketing Strategies
    • Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign for the Offline marketing Strategy
    • The success of the offline strategy
  • The Online Website Strategy
    • Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign for the Online Website Strategy
    • The success of the strategy
  • The Social Media Marketing Strategies
    • Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign for Social Media Marketing
    • The success of the platform
  • The Mobile Marketing Strategy
    • Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign the Mobile Marketing Strategy
    • The success of the Mobile platform
  • Conclusion and recommendation
  • References


Promotion of a brand depends on how an organisation package and communicate that brand. The strategy of communicating brand involves the promotion of the aesthetic values associated with the brand. Therefore, brand communication involves creating awareness, creating the sensory experience, and reaching out to the consumers (Schultz et al., 2003). One aspect of communicating the brand involves applying an integrated communication strategy. The strategy focuses on items that define the company and using the features to reach out to the target population. Some of the features include the consumer purchasing characteristics, changing trends in the market, value preposition, and ethical consideration (Gould, 2000; Caywood, and Ewing, 2001). John Lewis is a popular departmental store in the United Kingdom that sells a range of products ranging from fashion, electronic and home wares. The departmental store has a wonderful range of products, excellent customer service, and wonderful employees who are referred to as partners. The paper focuses on John Lewis through an integrated marketing communication strategy that cuts across offline, online, social networks, and mobile strategies. The Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign strategy aims to expand consumer base by increasing product awareness, visibility to the consumers, increasing the sales, and expanding the communication channel. Besides, the strategies would help John Lewis expand its growing consumer base.

The integration of advertising strategies makes it easy for the merchants to design a platform that eases the communication of a consistent message to all the customers that the organisation is targeting. Therefore, this paper will use features like consumer behaviour and the dynamic of the market in targeting the consumers. The integrated marketing communication strategy takes into consideration the variation of different consumers to get a platform that reaches out to a majority of the consumers in different platforms by communicating the same message related to the quality of the product and service delivery hence forming a heterogeneous approach with homogenous message (Hutton, 2006; DeLozier, 2006).

Developing of Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy for John Lewis Stores

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