Marketing Strategy of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International

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  • Introduction
  • Leadership Issues
  • External Conditions
    • General Environment 
    • Industry Environment 
    • Competitor Environment 
  • Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Strengths
    • Weakness
  • Strategy
    • Product Strategy
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Acquisition Strategy
  • Conclusions
  • References


North American-based Valeant Pharmaceuticals is countering significant improvements in its executive system, which makes the organisation accept diverse cultures and new philosophies. Because of the decline in equity values in the region’s stock markets, the organisation is found to fight greater stresses. The organisation was tempted to recognise persistent losses by this declining location of its stock alongside its poor capital base. With the transition of ownership structure, though, business administrators are now implementing innovative tactics to further win an expanded demand and thereby counteract an increase in future sales. Strategies such as the purchase of smaller and poorer businesses and even of goods have allowed the organisation to broaden its North American product and business portfolio. In addition, marketing campaigns to gain hold of future customer and business bases are also being established. Value added development via the company’s social events also allowed it to strengthen the company’s partnerships with the customer profile. This strengthened interaction allows the business to receive efficient input from the customer profile and hence to enable corresponding adjustments to the goods and services delivered. The organisation, however, needs to work to develop its internal capabilities to better meet the expanded requirements (Arnold et al. 246-257). In this respect, the paper focuses on carrying out a situational study of the company’s success metrics in the North American market. The situational analysis would work in understanding the impact of changes in the leadership structure of the company. Further it would also endeavor to understand the need for bringing about new changes in the policy structure of the company both in regards to gaining an extensive market and product base. The paper would also endeavor to conduct a brief analysis of the industrial and socio-economic environment of the region which would help the company in devising effective strategies.

Marketing Strategy of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International

Leadership Issues

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