Moon Movie Summary Review

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Movie “The Moon”


Technology and science have seen a rapid change as compared to the last century. This advancement in science and technology has brought to the human race, the world of clones and cloning. Cloning is the making of two organisms the same by using DNA which makes them one hundred per cent similar. The extent of cloning has been brought about in the movie ‘moon’. This paper is going to discuss the film ‘moon’ about the issue of cloning. Furthermore, the article is going to discuss the morality behind cloning and whether clones are more human than humans or not. Also, the paper is going to determine whether clones should be accepted into society since they have human feelings and memories. Also, the article is going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cloning. The main question that the item is going to address should clone or can replace human beings?

Moon Movie Summary Review

Summary of the movie

Moon is a 2009 British film directed by Duncan Jones and produced by Stuart Finnegan and Trudie Styler. The science fiction film is portrayed in the future, that is 2035. The star of the film is Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, who is an astronaut mining helium-3 in solitary for three years. ‘Moon’ superseded its budget of 5million dollars to gross at 9.7 million dollars in total. Sam, who works with a robot named GERTY, learns near the end of his three-year contract that he has a doppelganger.. This is after he crashes and overhears his robot companion talking to the rescue team. The two Sam find out from GERTY after listening to his unconscious Doppelganger that they are actually copies of an original Sam. Following this surprising news, the two clones agree to carry out their inquiries and look into the cloning industry. They are shocked to discover a vault full of hundreds of clones which seem to be half asleep. They find out that the company the original Sam works for clone’s astronaut to escape paying new astronauts. They decide to expose the lunar company to the world, and the younger or fresher Sam goes to earth and tells the story which brings a lot of conflicts to the company as witnessed in the shift in stock value. In the end, the film depicts that human beings do not agree with lunar’s work ethics, and it seems the clones are more humane than humans themselves (Moon).

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