Personal Goals in Life Research Essay Example

by findsteps

Vision:  In my twilight years, I shall look back to a well-fulfilled life. I have been a loving wife and a mother of two distinguished and successful people. I live a comfortable life in the house of my dreams and this is filled with the pitter-patter of the small feet of my grandchildren. My husband and I go on vacations anytime we please. I am a landmark in the U.S. Air Force, who has left a legacy in upholding excellence in performance and justice in the deployment of troops. My wisdom comes from my vast life experiences as well as my education.

Mission: In all facets of my being, my personal life, schooling and learning, and work, I would aspire to maximise my strengths and potential. I’m also a successful mother, seeking a healthy and prosperous family existence. In my dream profession as a service officer, I would conclude my schooling and equip myself with information and skills. As a commissioned Air Force officer, the professionalism I show in my job will inevitably land me a spot.

Personal Goals in Life Essay Example

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