Powers and Responsibilities of London Mayor

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GLA stands for the abbreviation of the Greater London Authority, the top governing agency of Greater London England. In compliance with the norms of the laws, the Mayor shall be chosen by means of a municipal vote within the Legislature, which shall have the authority to govern such metropolitan sectors such as infrastructure, economic development, police and fire and emergency services. The aim of electing a mayor is to serve London by one person who is accountable for all of its growth, strategic planning and peace discipline. Boris Johnson is the current Mayor of London to take office under the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and 2007 ( GLA Report, 2009)

Powers and Responsibilities

The Greater London Authority is funded by the federal government and the state tax authorities in order to enforce their desired policies. GLA itself does not run under any plan, thus maintaining the framework in which four main functional bodies act on the targeted proposals made by the Mayor. All four departments are the following operating bodies:

  • Transport for London
  • Metropolitan Police Authority
  • London Development Authority
  • London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

Powers and Responsibilities of London Mayor

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