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Professional Development Plan Example

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In today’s world of education, more than ever before, it is important to prepare carefully for the development of quality educators. There is no room for a status quo in terms of career growth with a glut of educators, insufficient budgets, and more diverse demands among student groups. The need for continued professional growth occurs where expectations and performance-driven quality management strategies focus on highly trained, new and creative team members to achieve these objectives. A career development programme will address the needs of those concerned; the students, teachers, and partners, only by proper preparation and creativity.  Research supports that one that is data-driven, constructivist by design, outcomes-oriented, and job-embedded is the strongest professional learning programme. (State of Vermont DOE, 2010)

A successful professional development approach must be standards-based and aligned with carrying forth the school’s overall mission and vision; while at the same time meeting the professional and personal needs of the staff, as well as the students and stakeholders.  It requires reflection on the past with the goal of instituting initiatives to improve the quality indicators that will impact the future.  (Mahaffey, Lind, &Derse)

Professional Development Plan Example

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