Samba Bank Saudi Arabia Change Management Analysis

by findsteps
  1. Introduction

            Change is one of the most vital and frequent aspects of any field in the modern world. Technological intervention has broken the geographical barriers in the world and has increased competition to a great extent since customers can easily utilize global products and services. It is almost inevitable for any business to stay isolated from all the changes in the prevailing market trends and continue their business operations in a conventional manner. It is the need of the current times to align the vision and objectives according to the needs of the current environments to ensure success and profits.

  1. Company Portfolio

In Saudi Arabia, Samba Bank is a major banking institution that has expanded its branches all over Middle Eastern countries. A few branches have been opened in London and in Asian countries. One of Samba Bank’s regional divisions has been selected to examine their methods for handling transition. The bank’s infrastructure is built on information management systems and other applications to include the latest online banking, internet and telephone banking features. The technical infrastructure, though, mainly consists of modules and events that are used by consumers. The bank’s internal infrastructure is not fitted with the new technical systems, such as the customer service department, which depends on manual procedures to collect the necessary data. Customer service department is considered to be amongst the most important departments since it ensures that customers are being provided with consistently commendable services.

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