Smartphones Literature Review Examples


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Literature Review

Boulos,Maged N. Kamel et al. “How smartphones are changing the face of mobile and participatory healthcare: an overview, with example from eCAALYX”. Biomedical Engineering Online 10(24). 2011. Web. 9 November 2013. <>

Summary: Smartphones’ improved capacity, ubiquity, and versatility are being utilized for more and more uses, particularly in the fields of improving the availability of health care facilities to save lives and enhance patient conditions. This paper provides an illustration from an application/platform for mobile computing named eCAALYX to illustrate certain uses in real health care contexts (Boulous et al.).

Assessment: This paper is very useful in terms of demonstrating the increasing use of smartphones to extend the power of mobile computing to new application areas that benefit people, in this case in the delivery of health care services that improve lives (Boulos et al.).

Quotations: “Several previous studies have evaluated the use of mobile phones to support healthcare and public health interventions, notably in the collection and collation of data for healthcare research, and as used in support of medical and healthcare education and clinical practice in the community. Some studies have highlighted the successful use of mobile phones to support telemedicine and remote healthcare in developing nations, with examples including their use in off-site medical diagnosis and as information support in the treatment of HIV care in difficult to reach rural areas” (Boulos et al.).

Smartphones Literature Review Examples

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