Surgical Treatment of Cataracts Project Feasibility


Cataracts are eye lens clouding, which in most situations is highly normal due to ageing. Some of the cases are not that important, so no medication is required, whilst others need clouding to be eliminated by surgery. With the final effects of better vision, the removal of cataracts by surgery is usually successful and healthy. That is typically achieved where vision deprivation has a major effect on the lives of patients (NIE, 2010). Only New York Community Hospital performs Marine Park cataract surgery.

The Community Problem:

Accessing Cataracts Treatment

Data from the National Eye Institute suggest that the eye stops at the age of 40 years with cataracts (NEI, 2010). Statistics at the Marine Park county level indicate that 15,991 out of 33, 845 persons are vulnerable to this disorder (Weichert, 2015). The informants acknowledged in the interview segment that accessibility to the care of cataracts is an issue (Refer to Interview Section). New York Community Hospital is the only health centre in the region available for cataract surgery. The human resources of the facility is not adequate for cataracts to be scanned and handled. As it is hereditary and at the same time induced by sunlight penetration, the increase in cases of cataracts could be large in the immediate future.

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