Westpac Bank Share Trend Analysis


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Part of the country’s largest organisations, Westpac Bank is certainly an attractive investment company. The bank’s history leads several consumers to wrongly place their money in the stocks of this respectable bank. A reasonable investor, therefore, may not depend too much on tradition and assumed reputation, but on rational evidence and detailed business stock patterns.

Shifts of Share Prices of Westpac Bank

In order to be in a position to understand the share price of Westpac Bank thoroughly; it is essential to draw a trend. The valuation of the statistic represents the share price pattern of that bank.

Westpac Bank Share Trend Analysis

Westpac Bank Share Prices from 2008 to 2013

In this bank’s share process, the figure clearly indicates several such trends. It can be concluded from the statistics that the share valuation of this bank has undergone daily ups and downs; this is very natural and doesn’t bother investors much. The share price was below $20, i.e. $18.68, in the seventh month of 2008, but the share value reached a peak of $25.05 throughout the year, but the price was around $16.63 at the end of the year. The average share price for this year was $20.6505. A mixed trend was again seen in the year 2008-09, where the highest share valuation was around $27.23. However, the share price figures at the end of the year was $ 28.95, indicating a decreasing trend followed by a growing trend.
Year by Year Analysis

Year by Year Share price of Westpac Bank

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