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Cultural and Social Issues of Having Women in the Military

by Danial


The duty of the armed forces is to guarantee that the nation is secure. Women also had a tradition of armed activity as far back as 3,000 years ago. Women have performed numerous positions in the military, spanning from ancient warrior women to soldiers now fighting in battle. Nevertheless, the bulk of all the fighters were male, also in the U.S. military. Not only did the women participate in combat by working in costume to obtain information, but they often acted as nurses and aides. The role of women in the military was restricted in the past. In the modern-day military services, women are now being assigned significant positions. In American, at least one member of the family has served in the armed forces. In the U.S military, women have been involved since the 17th century. Their core duties were nursing, mending clothes, cooking, and performing laundry duties. During Second World War, the women worked in the shipyards while the men were drafted for active duty overseas. Currently, the American armed forces have numerous positions that are open to women. The women serve in various positions in the U.S military, including pilots, drivers, mechanics, drivers, household supplies, and communication specialists among others. The U.S government has invested heavily in the military. More women have enlisted in the American armed forces. The increase of women in the male-dominated military has resulted in some people to question the social-cultural impacts of the role of women in the military. The military is considered as a society in its own. It is guided by the societal guidelines just like the civilian society. Therefore, either politically, economically, or socio-culturally, the military is a crucial U.S institution. The paper would address the social and cultural problems of including women in the military to that impact.

Cultural and Social Issues of Having Women in the Military

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